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About the Digital Elections Version of GPJ

The Digital Elections Version of GPJ is an electronic journal published on the web that includes material on and analysis of Greek elections and politics, cyber-democracy, cyber-culture, cyber-citizens, new technologies, e-government, e-elections and cyber-security. It includes views and analyses by politicians, professionals/academics and journalists on political party programmes, media and political power in info-com society, political communication, cultural and political management and marketing in 21st century.

The electronic journal adopts a pluralistic approach on crucial issues related to globalisation, cyberspace and Greek cultural identity on a national (Greek), regional (European) and global level. The historical range is not limited to any given period, since the electronic journal is primarily concerned with material that is relevant to the contemporary world that contributes to a fruitful global exchange of ideas between all interested parties.

The Digital Elections Version oof GPJ addresses itself to Greeks around the world, to policy-makers, politicians, professionals involved in Greek political and cultural issues but also addresses itself to all interested parties dealing with the analysis of European and global policies, such as regulators, political and cultural managers, IT specialists and Web designers concerned with elections and eVoting, media specialists, practitioners, journalists, academics, students and political and cultural consultants with a professional interest in the aforementioned subjects. It will carry out analysis on the Greek elections and articles from politicians and candidates, information and articles from media and academic sources, which are likely to be of interest to Greek voters. Some editions of the Digital Elections Version will include a series of articles designed around special issues and analyses after the elections, which may relate to a specific set of issues, a geographical region or a particular cultural and political form.

Professor George K. Gantzias

Hellenic Open University