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Academic Version - Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (C.T.P.J)

Editorial Policy

Globalisation, Info-Communication Society, Cultural Studies, New Technologies, Culture Management, Communication, Public Interest, Regulation, Cultural Security and Policy issues are currently undergoing major political and social upheavals, giving the countries in every continent a particular immediacy and calling for a reconsideration of many widely held assumptions.

"Cultural Technology and Policy Journal" is a peer-reviewed international academic referee journal for cultural policy, cultural studies, info-Communication culture, technology, management, economy and industries. It is published in print and electronic formats - by the Info-Communicator Ltd. Its academic articles are published in English (some articles are also published in Greek in the electronic format). It is committed to the academic (theoretical and practical) analysis of all aspects of, but is not limited to, the following subjects:

         Cultural Studies, Information Society and Digital Culture

         New Media Power, Political Economy and Political Communication

         Cultural Management, Policy Making and Art Management

         Cultural Policy and Strategy

         Privatization, Regulation and Public Interest

         Cultural Technology and Info-Communication Industry

         Info-Communication Culture and Cultural Industries

         Cultural Diversity, Cultural Identity and Info-communication Society

         Globalisation, Cyberspace and Cultural Production

         Cultural Economics, Cultural Marketing and Cultural Communication

         Electronic Management, Digital Content and Electronic Commerce

         Cultural Organisations, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism

         Cultural Diplomacy, Global Commons and Crisis Management

         Cultural Protection, Human Rights and Cyber-conflicts

In an increasingly globalized world, this can involve the re-examination of historical claims, and of political, cultural or economic arguments concerning the individual nations / states and the world. It is this context that CTPJ will address, in a historically and theoretically informed way, the complex issues facing Culture, Technology, Policy and Management in the light of global developments. Thus, the international journal will encourage comparative approaches and views and will aim to construct an academic forum, which will bring together all parts of information and knowledge society (see notes to contributors).


Assoc. Professor George K. Gantzias, Editor
P.O. Box 4126
10210 Athens