Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Production Team
Academic Version - Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (C.T.P.J)

International Editorial Committee and Referees

Edward Herman, Professor Emeritus,
University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Denis McQuail, Professor Emeritus,
University of Amsterdam

Frank Webster, Professor,
City University, London

Howard Tumber, Professor,
City University, London

Keith Pilbeam, Professor,
City University, London

Alistair McGuire, Professor,
London School of Economics.

Nicolas Vernicos, Professor Emeritus,
University of Aegean

Daskalopoulou Sofia, Professor,
University of Aegean,

Socrates Katsikas, Professor,
University of the Aegean.

Panagiotis Liargovas, Associate Professor,
University of Peloponnese.

George Tsobanoglou, Assistant Professor,
University of Aegean.

Evi Sabanikou, Assistant Professor,
University of Aegean.

Dimitrios Asteriou , Senior Lecturer,
City University, London.


To see more on the registration process and the International Academics who are registered on the International Editorial Board of C.T.P.J.,  click here.