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Academic Version - Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (C.T.P.J)

The Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (CTPJ) is a referee academic journal which is published by academics and professionals who have published extensively on cultural studies, cultural policies, audiovisual media, globalization and culture, cultural informatics and new technologies, new media and information society, cultural management and marketing, cultural goods and communication.

The academic version of CTPJ calls for academic papers to be submitted by 25th November 2010. This edition will be on the issues of cultural policy and media power, new technologies, cultural industries, electronic commerce, new media and politics, cultural diversity, information society and culture. Debates on issues invoking a contrasting vision of the present and future policy making will also be included. On one hand, there are those who are optimistic about the new digital technology, cultural management, cultural policies, globalization of cultural goods in information society, while on the other, there are those who are concerned about the globalization of cultural policy, centralization of power, cultural identity, information gaps, cultural technology, and the digitalization of cultural heritage and economy. The digitalization of culture, the Internet and cyberspace together with the traditional cultural policies are the key factors in shaping a new cultural policy and new economy in the Information Society at national, European and global levels. This edition will include issues relating to new technologies, cultural identity, info-communication and cultural diversity, cultural issues in information society, globalization of products and services and cultural policy.

The submission papers will be in English. In all cases, you must also submit a hard copy.
Submission deadline: 25th November 2010


Assoc. Professor George K. Gantzias, Editor
P.O. Box 4126
10210 Athens