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Academic Version - Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (C.T.P.J)

Digital Communication and Global Innovation: The Info-Communication Industry

George K. Gantzias

Volume 1, 2005, Cultural Technology and Policy Journal


Digital communication, information and technology have radically changed the way we communicate and contact business in our everyday life. The dependability of the digital communication sector such as the info-communication industry, upon which the info-com networks, info-com markets, info-com regulations and info-com policy will rely, should be recognized as being of growing importance for Greek and European citizens, businesses and governments. This paper introduces the term “Stand Alone Cultural and Electronic Communication Industrial Sectors” (SACECIS) and the three-layered Info-Communication Model as analytical tools. It also examines and analyses the horizontal convergence process of the SACECIS and suggests the new Info-Communication Industrial Sectors, as a solution, to the market failure in the SACECIS platform. Finally, it suggests to Greek and European government, to switch off analogue technology and switch on to digital technology, as soon as possible.

Key words: Digital communication, digital technology, Stand Alone Cultural and Electronic Communication Industrial Sectors (SACECIS), the Info-Communication Industry (Info-Com Industry), Convergence, Global Innovation, Info-Communication Policy (Info-Com Policy), cultural technology, global and digital networks.

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