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Academic Version - Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (C.T.P.J)

Consumer Attitudes towards Internet Shopping Adoption in Greece

Adam P. Vrechopoulos, George J Siomkos, Georgios I. Doukidis

Volume 1, 2005, Cultural Technology and Policy Journal


Recognizing the need to continuously investigate consumer attitudes and behavioural patterns in the fast-evolving landscape of “distance” and Internet shopping, this paper discusses the findings of an exploratory consumer survey ran in Greece at the beginning of 2001, as a part of a longitudinal research initiative which started in 1999. The results indicate that there are not significant differences between “distance” and Internet shoppers regarding the reasons for which they use alternative distance shopping channels (e.g., telephone, Internet, etc.) to conduct their shopping. For both groups, the basic reason for buying products remotely was to “save time,” while, despite cultural differences, many similarities were observed between different countries as far as consumer attitudes toward Internet shopping are concerned. Despite the fact that “distance” shopping in Greece has increased by 20% within the last year, Internet shopping is still on its infancy. However, the Internet shopping dynamics are reflected on the finding that distance shoppers constitute the oncoming generation of Internet shoppers. Finally, direct managerial implications as well as future research perspectives are presented at the end.

Key words: Distance and Internet Shopping in Greece, consumers attitudes, electronic commerce, internet shoppers in Greece.

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