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Academic Version - Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (C.T.P.J)

Info-Communication Culture: Diversity, Power and Media

George K. Gantzias

Volume 1, 2005, Cultural Technology and Policy Journal

Info-communication culture is part of our everyday life in the 21st century. We live in an Information Society where the domination of digital technology is a reality. The Cyberspace together with the digital information and communication technologies (ICT) have radically reformed our cultural, economic, political and social systems. The role of information society, the digital technology and the media to access reliable information are having a lot of impact on cultural industries, cultural technology, commercial activity and political systems both locally and globally. Cultural industries have started to modernise their traditional systems by digitally transforming their infrastructures from Stand Alone Cultural and Electronic Communication Industrial Sectors (SACECIS) to the compatible digital framework of the Info-Communication Industry. The globalisation of cultural, political and commercial activity in cyberspace, the digitalisation of services and content together with the exponential growth of Internet users are irrevocably changing the traditional structures of our economic, cultural and political systems. Cultural Studies, Communication and Information Technologies (ICT) together with the Info-Communication Policy are very important concepts in examining, analysing and understanding the cyberspace and the media behaviour and performance at local and global levels...

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